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Culvert Replacements

Pump Stations

Sewer Mains

Water Works

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Services List

Full roadway reconstructions

24/7 emergency repairs

Electrical repair

Concrete repair

Utilities repair

Culvert repair

Bridge repair

Paving repair

Landscaping – trees – pavers – grass strips

Granite or concrete curbing and resetting

ADA handy cap compliance ramps

Ornamental benches and railings

Sewer and drainage systems

City concrete sidewalks

New water systems

Pulverizing fine grading and paving Dam rehabilitation’s

Concrete boat ramps – specialty concrete work

Sewer and water pumps rehabilitation’s

Complete valve vaults installations

Culvert installations and repairs

Mass dot crash barrier walls

Sewerage wet wells

Culvert Replacements

Aqua Line Utility works closely with Towns and Municipalities replacing outdated and structurally deficient culverts which pose a potential danger to the public. Our seasoned team of engineers, project managers, project supervisors and crew leaders investigate each situation case by case. We seek the best remedies to potential problems that dewatering and installation of coffer dams might affect including wildlife, pedestrians, vehicular traffic. Our inhouse team of design engineers methodically execute detailed customized plans for each project. We pride ourselves on offering as many services as possible without outsourcing.

Sewer Pump Stations & Treatment Plants

We understand the challenges of pump station and treatment plant failures and how it impacts an entire area within a community. Our onsite team is experienced in working with bypass plant managers and the installation of various size systems designed to handle the flow demands for peak and off-peak hours of operation. Our staff is fully trained to perform all interior and exterior station needs including installation or repairs to valve vaults, wet wells, slide rails, pumps and clarifiers. We’re experienced in new system installations with electrometry, scada and various types of electrical repairs and installations.

Sewer Mains

With the team we’ve built over the years, we can accommodate the toughest technical demands of the failing sewer systems in the N.E. area. We size the appropriate plans to handle existing day to day bypass flows while replacing older systems with the latest sewer main technology. Working closely with design consultants, we address potential issues before they become problematic in the field. We understand the importance of maintaining accesses to pedestrian and vehicular traffic and work closely with business owners to reduce our impact on the community.

Water Works

Experienced in installing various types water bypass systems, we accommodate installations ranging from 2-inch pipe to 48-inch water main as well as high and low-pressure systems. Other capabilities include directional drilling in some of the most extreme technical areas where excavation is not an option, installation and repair of booster stations, line stops and insertion valves. Working with some of the most elite designers Massachusetts has to offer, we’re constantly evolving, keeping pace with the latest products and technologies.