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About Aqua Line Utility, Inc.

Aqua Line Utility, Inc. was established in 2003, specializing in utility and site work construction. Since the inception Aqua Line Utility has earned a reputation for safe practices, professionalism, and quality.

Aqua Line specializes in difficult and complex utility, pump stations and site work projects. From deep excavations to complicated integration of existing and new utilities; Aqua Line has the expertise to bring the project in on time and in budget. Aqua Line provides small company hands on attention to detail with large company capabilities.

Aqua Line has installed miles of sewer, water and drainage pipe; along with numerous pump stations with several MGD capacities. Aqua Line can design and construct some of the most complicated bypass systems to ensure service is maintained during all phases of the work as well as intricate support of excavation.

Aqua Line is confident that it possesses all the qualifications required to successfully perform your projects. In fact Aqua Line is uniquely structured to provide engineering, project management, and attention to safety and detail that rival that of any organization, and yet maintain the hands-on participation of the principal, and all upper management so vital to the success of a challenging construction project.

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Eco Friendly Construction

Upon project completion, we strive to leave the work site as close to it was before construction began and address any environmental concern the client has. This means eco-friendly demolition and site reconstruction. We accomplish this by saving any soil and vegitation removed from the site and return it as closely to it’s original place as possible. Original soil and vegitation contain nutrients specfic to environment it was removed from, aiding in rapid regrowth. 


The Newest Technology

Keeping up to date with the newest technology assists us in monitoring many aspects of our business. A few of these technological advances involve fuel consumption monitoring and maintenance, the weight and quantity of materials loaded, back-up cameras for safety and Wi-Fi enabled system shut down for unauthorized users of theft. All of these affect the bottom line, eventually passing the savings to our clients.


High Quality Construction Management

With safety being our top priority, Aqua Line Utility chooses its vendors and subcontractors who are in good standing, and in compliance with OSHA. Preproduction team meetings are part of every project with emphasis on employee and civilian safety, site management, project management, active communications between all parties and scheduled timelines. If an issue arises, its immediately addressed by team leaders for the best resolution while keeping the project within the scope of the scheduled completion date.

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“We pride ourselves on safety. Every year the entire staff receives refresher training on confined space entry and trench and excavation to name a few. You have to drive home safety on a daily basis, use it as a tool and I firmly believe your never safe enough.”

Bill Leonard – Owner